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AEHRA'S new sedan, a made-in-Italy manifesto of elegance and innovation, set to challenge the established order


AEHRA, the Italian premium electric car brand, will unveil its new sedan on 16th June at the Monza racetrack in Italy 

MILAN – Attractive, smooth, with a profile characterised by an almost total absence of edges. AEHRA, the new high-end electric car brand shows exclusive images of its new sedan, which will be unveiled as a World Premiere at the next edition of the Milan Monza Motor Show (MIMO), at the Monza racetrack on Friday 16th June at 10 a.m. (CEST)

Like its SUV sibling presented last November in Milan, the Sedan bets on Made-in-Italy through an innovative design that adds elements of supercars with others drawn from the world of sports and aeronautics. The result is a car that connects luxury with sportiness, aesthetics with functionality. A model that will use the new repairable, efficient and sustainable electric batteries that are the result of the recent partnership signed between AEHRA and the Austrian MIBA Group.

 "I am sure," says AEHRA CEO Hazim Nada, "that we have great opportunities and potential in the U.S. and Asia. Americans and Asians know how to appreciate a product Made in Italy excellence like ours, which combines innovation, design and sustainability. The cars we are making use the most innovative technologies and the most advanced materials such as recycled carbon and new aerodynamic shapes. A car that transports us not only into a new era of the high-end electric car, but changes the very way we move. We believe that from Italy and Europe it is possible to lead the innovation of the high-end electric car."

Press Contact: Antonella Maia

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