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Hilding Anders prepare for digital product passports with help from Blue Cromos.


Hilding Anders, Europe's leading bedding company, based in Malmö, Sweden, are early risers in preparing for the coming EU regulations on digital product passports, engaging Blue Cromos, Swedish as well, to prepare.

Hilding Anders realise the value in an early start in preparing for digital product passports and have therefore turned to Blue Cromos to leverage our experience and platform for handling digital product passport data.
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The necessity of resetting our consumption to be more sustainable and circular is hard to miss. But it's not easy to find the information needed to be able to take informed and responsible decisions. That is why the European Union is about to introduce, in a few years, digital product passports for essentially all products sold within the Union's borders

Hilding Anders realise the value in an early start and have therefore turned to Blue Cromos to leverage our experience and platform for handling digital product passports. A platform that has already been used in similar projects together with Swedish Commerce, Ecolabelling Sweden, GS1, Ahlsell, Mio and Axfood.

This is a truly exciting opportunity for us, as a service supplier, to allow a customer of Hilding Anders standing to become an early adopter of the technology to handle digital product passports for their prestige range of products says Fredrik Malm, CEO of Blue Cromos

Hilding Anders will use a sandbox environment of the platform with a limited range of products to gain insight in what lies ahead regarding types of data to be extracted and collected, as well as formats, standardised units and practical challenges.

Initially, Hilding Anders will work with products for the Norwegian and Swiss markets.

About Digital Product Passports

Digital Product Passports (DPP) are intended as an easy way for consumers, authorities, producers and retailers to obtain uniform and verified information about origin, environmental impact, repairability and recycling. DPP is a part of the ESPR regulatory Framework (Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation). Easy for those intended to consumer the information, that is, but not as easy for those set to ensure that the information is made available, is correct, verified and easy to access.

The Blue Cromos Platform for Digital Product Passports

Digital Product Passports creates several challenges for the entire supply chain, from producers to retailers:

  1. Initially to extract the required information in the first place. The information required ranges from environmental impact, circularity and repairability, as well as certificates on the absence of child- and forced labour or deforestation. This makes demands for control of your own production and processes, but also on the entire chain of sub-suppliers all the way back to extraction and production of raw materials.
  2. Subsequently to ensure that this information is made available in the defined, standardised formats, is verified and continuously updated – with minimal effort and maximal reliability.
  3. And, finally, that the information makes accessible easily, efficiently and without interruption.

Since the regulation will require the availability of Digital Product Passports, goods void of such DPP's will become impossible to sell. And, naturally, this will propagate back through the entire chain of suppliers, distributors and logistical services.

The Blue Cromos platform

Blue Cromos focuses on items 2 and 3 out of the three items in the list above. The company has created a parallell "supply chain" for digital product data – and event data throughout the product life cycle – that supports Digital Product Passports. As products gradually are completed, their DPP-data follow suit, are aggregated and verified.

In addition, this digital supply chain has potential for services and business development way beyond what is required "only" for Digital Product Passports. Imagine a "patient record" for each item to visualise the potential.




Hilding Anders realise the value in an early start in preparing for digital product passports and have therefore turned to Blue Cromos to leverage our experience and platform for handling digital product passport data.
Sweet dreams, cushioned by an untroubled environmental conscience

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Blue Cromos is a Swedish tech company located in Malmö, Sweden. We are devoted to providing customers with the easiest and highest quality solutions possible for every brand protection need.

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Blue Cromos framträder vid GS1 Global Forum 2024 i Bryssel, 21 & 22 februari, för att berätta om och demonstrera en lösning för smidig hantering av data för digitala produktpass.19.2.2024 08:00:00 CET | Pressmeddelande

Om bara tre år planerar EU att införa krav på att produkter som säljs inom unionen ska kompletteras med omfattande, verifierad och uppdaterad digital information och certifikat om cirkularitet, miljöpåverkan och ansvarsfull produktion. Med start för ett begränsat antal branscher är avsikten att gradvis utvidga omfattningen. Produktdata – från ett nödvändigt ont att hantera till en värdeskapande tillgång Blue Cromos ser bortom den initiala utmaningen att få tag i dessa data och har, tillsammans med GS1 och utvalda distributörer och återförsäljare, utvecklat en lösning för smidig, säker och effektiv tillgång till verifierade, distribuerade data för professionellt bruk. Allt baserat på öppna och interoperabla standars. Metoden har potential att inte bara drastiskt förenkla hanteringen av data för digitala produktpass utan även att revolutionera tillgång till och hantering av produktdata, certifikat och produkthändelser av andra slag. Blue Cromos metod för säker och verifierad tillgång til

Blue Cromos on stage at GS1 Global Forum 2024 in Brussels, 21 & 22 February, to speak and demonstrate a solution for smooth handling of digital product passport data.19.2.2024 08:00:00 CET | Press release

In just three years from now, the European Union is expected to start requiring products sold in the Union to be accompanied by extensive, verified, and current online data and certificates on circularity, environmental impact, and responsible production. Starting with a limited number of industries, the intention is to gradually expand the scope of industries. Product data – From a necessary pain to be managed to an asset to be leveraged. Thinking beyond the initial hurdle of obtaining the data, Blue Cromos have, together with GS1 and selected retailers and distributors, developed a solution for easy, secure, and efficient access to verified distributed data for professional use. All based on open and interoperable standards. The method has the potential to, not only greatly facilitate handling digital product passport data, but to revolutionise management and access of product data, certificates, and events in general. The Blue Cromos method of secure and verified access to open data

Blue Cromos säkrar 1,3 miljoner SEK från Vinnova för säker och enkel hantering av EU:s digitala produktpass.7.12.2023 08:00:00 CET | Pressmeddelande

Redan tidigare har Blue Cromos brutit ny mark för att utveckla hanteringen av de digitala produktpass som EU förväntas införa inom de närmaste åren. Arbetet har gjorts i samarbete främst med GS1 och Ahlsell. Nu har företaget dessutom säkrat 1,3 miljoner SEK från Vinnova för att utveckla ProTrack tillsammans med samma partners, en kommersiell tjänst för säker och effektiv hantering av de digitala produktpass som kommer att krävas för produkter till salu inom unionen. Ett införande som kommer att få GDPR att blekna i jämförelse. ProTrack fokuserar på att bygga metod, system och standards för att automatiserat konsolidera, validera och distribuera datat för digitala produktpass, att förenkla hanteringen av informationen genom hela leveranskedjan. Att, med hjälp av AI och blockchain bygga en säker, flexibel och effektiv distributionskedja för digital produktinformation, som kompletterar den konventionella distributionskedjan för fysiska produkter. "Att bygga detta för de digitala produktpa

Blue Cromos secures 1.3 million SEK from Sweden's Public Innovation Agency (Vinnova) to develop secure and simple handling of the EU digital product passports.7.12.2023 08:00:00 CET | Press release

Blue Cromos is already a frontrunner in the development of infrastructure to handle the digital product passports the European Union plans to require in the upcoming years. The work has been done in collaboration primarily with GS1 and Ahlsell. Now, the company has secured 1.3 million SEK from the Swedish Public Innovation Agency to develop ProTrack together with the same partners. ProTrack will be a commercial service for secure and efficient handling of the digital product passports which will be required as a digital supplement to products sold within the Union. An implementation that makes GDPR look like a day in the park. ProTrack focuses on building methods, systems and standards to automatically consolidate, validate and distribute the data for the digital product passports; to simplify the handling of the information throughout the entire supply chain. To leverage AI and blockchain to build a secure, flexible and efficient supply chain for digital product information, to supple

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