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QpiAI Closes $6.5 Mill Pre-Series A Funding Led by Yournest and SIDBI Venture Capital to Enable Intelligence Modelling and Intelligence Compute Using Quantum Computers


QpiAI, a leader in quantum computing and generative AI, announced its maiden external funding of $6.5 million to build Quantum computing and Generative AI products and platforms.

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Dr Nagendra Nagaraja, Founder, CEO and Chairman of QpiAI (Photo: Business Wire)

Dr Nagendra Nagaraja CEO and Founder of QpiAI quoted, “The pre-series A round of QpiAI will be remembered as a landmark funding round in Indian Deeptech. This round should allow us to lay a foundation of intelligence modelling and intelligence compute via Quantum computers and Generative AI. This funding will enable us to achieve breakthrough innovation in vertical integration of Generative AI and Quantum computing in enterprise and industrial applications. We will also be demonstrating 25 Qubit Quantum computers in our Bangalore HQ by Q4 CY2024/ Q1 CY 2025. With integration of HPC built out of our lab infra and integration all our 7 Quantum and Generative AI platforms we will have prototype of Quantum-HPC QpiAI datacenter, this can be scaled further to offer QCaaS (Quantum Compute as a Service). There is also good traction with our current customers to provide Quantum-HPC solutions with our software and compute infra. A very advanced Compute infra with Quantum capability that we will be deploying with this funding will allow us to innovate in Generative AI and Quantum software. QpiAI Quantum and AI stack, including hardware and software, will have tremendous impact on pharma, non-energy transition materials, chemicals, manufacturing, logistics and finance.”

Dr Nagendra further added, “There is also tremendous traction in the B2G segment with QpiAI thought leadership in Quantum and AI that has helped shape technology and infrastructure roadmaps. QpiAI is a Global company with its HQ in Bangalore, India and subsidiaries in US and Finland. As we work with Global enterprises and Governments including the US, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, we will be expanding our presence in these regions to create value to our customers and partners.”

Dr Manjunath R.V., Vice President for Quantum computers QpiAI, further added, “Building Scalable Quantum computers that can solve real world problems and bolster our industry verticals is a very key technology development. At QpiAI, we are very excited to have our own Quantum computers to further build Quantum and AI data centers. Our team is really happy to have multiple QPUs in our dilution refrigerator to make sure we achieve high quality quantum compute infrastructure. We can’t wait to see the next steps in our roadmap to advance Quantum computers scaling 25 qubits to 1000 qubits.”

Sachin Kumar, Lakshya Priyadarshi and Aswanth Krishnan, who leads software products and solutions on Generative AI and Quantum software, suggested, “In the last 4 years, we were able to commercialize our software platforms and achieve traction across large bluechip enterprise customers. With this funding and with all our 7 software products ready to scale, we envision scaling our software platforms globally. We anticipate a great time ahead for us. There is lot of customer interest to see QpiAI Quantum and AI software platform working on QpiAI Quantum-AI HPC datacenters to implement their next gen applications in pharma, materials, fintech, automotive and manufacturing.”

Sunil Goyal MD, Yournest who led the funding round, further added, "By investing in QpiAI, we're helping to propel India to the leading edge of quantum computing. This technology has the potential to revolutionize fields like materials science, drug discovery, automotive, and manufacturing. QpiAI's innovative approach makes them a key player in unlocking this potential, and we're thrilled to join Dr. Nagendra and the QpiAI team on this exciting journey."

Debraj Banerjee, President at SIDBI Venture capital and Board of Director of QpiAI who led the funding round from SIDBI ventures, further added, “SVCL is very excited to be part of this very important deeptech journey of national importance. Quantum computers will change the world when we commercialize it. The technology is of immense importance for national security and advance computation. Having a home-grown Quantum computer will be very important for our national institutes to further our progress in computation technologies. We are eagerly looking forward to a working 25 qubit machine from QpiAI by Q4 of CY24 /Q1 CY25.

Ramesh Radhakrishnan, a very successful serial entrepreneur, a veteran VC and Board of Director at QpiAI, further added, “Quantum computers and AI are the future for all applied technologies in many different market segments including pharma, transport, cybersecurity, and financial among others. Integrating Application software with Quantum System software and hardware to make AI and Quantum computing work together is a fundamental innovation whose significance is going to be enormous. With centers in the US and Finland, QpiAI is well positioned to scale Quantum and AI technologies and address markets globally. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful journey.”

About QpiAI

QpiAI ( is a world leader in AI and Quantum computing. QpiAI is integrating Quantum computing and AI vertically to offer solutions to areas like manufacturing, industrial, transportation, finance, pharma and materials. It has various software platforms and products including QpiAI-pro, QpiAI-explorer, QpiAI-logistics, QpiAIopt, QpiAIML, QpiAI-pharma and QpiAI-Matter. With its innovation in commercial grade Quantum computing technology, QpiAI is providing impactful advances to generative AI and various industry verticals.

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