5 tips when searching for a water damage company

Today, there are many resources, recommendations and all marketing outlets to find what you're looking for, it can be overwhelming and even a put off as there is so much information and options to choose from. Sometimes taking it upon yourself is useful and exciting, even an added hobby for some. However, doing that, or the friend that's good at everything is not the best option, atleast for extreme situations like water disasters and floods that happen in some way little or great for most Americans.

Here are the top 5 tips when you are looking for a water damage restoration company that will do the job, and do it effectively.

Search and be prepared much sooner than in the moment of a crisis.

Rightfully so, everyone leads busy lives, therefore being ahead of the game and having all points of scenarios covered incase of a what if this happens situation, is a smart path to take. Calling the first company that shows up on your search screen is all too common but really not good for you, your home, bank account and well your trust and dignity. 

With all the many qualified, well trusted and good names out there that have great rapport and services, there are just as many, if not more that are scammers, not trusted, thieves that will make your already heartbreaking and frustrating experience much worse then you were in. 

Some mishaps that can happen are: 

  • Take all your money (deposit) and don't turn up to do the job
  • Make more damage, creating more problems to cost you more money
  • Steal materials such as copper pipes that is at a high cost to sell
  • Make temporary repairs that make more problems worse later on
  • Start the job and do not finish, or take months and months to finish with your home looking like a construction site

Reviews and reputation

From getting your nails done to where to go on holiday, we live in a world where reviews are an expectation and demand before following through and booking that service or item. 

Reviews and reputations go hand in hand. A brand is everything and bad or good, gets taken with the name that can last years. It's only with phenomenal feedback from customer experiences that gives a business and name its true rating status. 

Word of mouth is just as good, hearing from a friend, then a cousin to a coworker tells you that this brand and company is doing something right!

Certifications and licences 

First rule that will never go out of trend or be left in the past, is a qualified professional in the water damage industry that has all their certifications and licences. Whether working solo independently or a big company, all businesses need to be all up to date with bonds and have insurance to protect the company and customers. 

Equipment and tools

Of course it's not necessary to spend hours looking for all the different types of tools needed for the job as if you are the one that's doing it. However, being aware and asking of what is used while you are looking for the best expert, will help you know that you chose the right team. 

Here are the steps that are used in restorations, 

  • Moisture detection 
  • Extractor
  • Drying method
  • Dehumidifier 

With expertise and high end equipment for this procedure, will only ensure the accelerated speed of total restorations, and to detect any issues of left moisture that will grow into mould and bacteria.

Help with claims

It isn't a huge necessity to have a water damage company help you with claims, but when the companies that do have this service help you, it takes a huge load of stress off you. 

The middle man, who is usually yourself, between your insurance company and the water experts, will solely be dealt with by the two main parties that play vital roles in getting your home back to its original state at little or no cost. 




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