6 things you must not miss when moving into your new house

Getting a new home is an exciting time and a huge accomplishment that people get to experience. With all the fun and thrilling things to look forward to. There are however steps to take before officially spending your first night in your new home to avoid any future problems and situations.

1. Be prepared for all scenarios with insurance plans

If you aren't already familiar with getting coverage for your new home, surely your real estate agent or a family member will encourage and mention how vital that is to do. 

A standard insurance plan is not a bad option to have, but going through all scenarios that can happen is what will set you apart from most people because not everyone knows that a limited amount of coverage only helps for some situations but not all.

Here are scenarios that can happen, with some that people don't even think the chances could but the most definitely can.

  • A fire from outside extremities or an indoor cause from leaving a candle or a hot hair tool on for hours
  • A  loose pipe that burst creating floods of water through your house
  • A rainstorm so extreme that homes everywhere are being flooded
  • Dampness and wet parts of home growing mould and fungus
  • Robbery 

There are more cases that can go from minor to extreme, but the fact is, being prepared for all scenarios is what will keep your family and home safe as much as you can. 

Some of these situations such as outdoor weather related instances that wreak havoc, aren't always in a standard insurance plan. Many are separated only to cover for all weather disasters. 

Reading through and asking all the inclusions and not will make all the difference before calling the water damage company when it's too late.

2. Inspection and walkthrough 

Going through every last detail from the skirting boards to the condition of the roof are all crucial elements before moving into your new house. 

Checking to see if any repairs need to be done that could be hazardous or may create a problem such as if the roof needs updating and repairing, if you leave that for a few more years or more, a leak and lots of damage comes following after which will give you alot more damages to fix and pay for. 

If you have any kids or pets, or plan to in the near future, look out for potential areas that could be harmful or dangerous for such innocent beings. 

3. Locate necessary functions and main sources

When you buy a home, you need to be the King or Queen and nothing gets passed you that you do not know has happened or exists. 

Be aware of how the home functions and where all the points of connectivity works. In case of an emergency, you know the blueprints already so that you won't waste any time searching. 

These are top areas to know of location and use:

  • Sewers close to the home
  • Main water source
  • All electrical outlets and fuse box
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Understanding labels such as poison, caution, warning, danger signals

4. Security / locks and address change

Installing a security system is a great way to keep your home and family safe from someone trying to get into your house to smoke detectors in case of a potential fire. Change of address and locks are also mandatory for safety and no confusion when important mail and documents need to be sent to you. 

5. Set up utilities and connections

If you can, have all your appliances ready so you can start living comfortably from your first day in your new home. Set up plans for electricity, heat and gas and more. Connecting all wifi, and the internet from the beginning will set you up for success. 

6. Deep clean 

Whether you hire a professional cleaner or roll your sleeves up and get cleaning yourself, nothing feels better than a fresh start in a clean home you can call yours. 




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