A Voyage to Valhalla: International students set sails together to break GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles


Before departing on a voyage, voyagers and warriors need to gain strength, vitality. They do so by traveling to the large capital of Svitjod, today Sweden, uniting with voyagers across all the lands to celebrate the gods, asking for protection, strength and courage in a tradition they call Blót.

To learn how the story goes, we will meet you on the 14th of November in Stockholm, ready to set sail with us.

ESN Sea Battle is an internationally recognised bi-annual event with origins dated to 2005. Throughout a long lasting history ESN Sea Battle pioneered in bringing international youth from all across the world together to one venue that sails through the Baltic Sea. The foundation of the program lies in the richness of the Norse Mythology and European values, both of which are building blocks in our everyday mission to enrich our society through international students.

This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary edition with a mythical name Voyage to Valhalla, where we are focusing on the very essence of our organisation by bringing values such as culture, inclusion and, most importantly, unity in diversity into the spotlight. Our mission is to celebrate those values by attempting to break three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles by uniting people from all across the globe to show the true power of people when they work together towards the same goal. We continue to build upon the tradition, memories made by generations of international students that have set sail together in the past thirty editions and cultural phenomena. That is why our attempts are connected to Swedish cultural staple - Fika - “Most nationalities at a coffee party”, freedom - “Most nationalities at a dance party” and celebrating unity through music - “Most nationalities in a simultaneous popular music sing-along”.

We live in a world full of wonders, and although reality is sometimes disappointing, we still keep on dreaming and believing in things that for many seem impossible. All of us do. Somewhere deep inside, we are still made up of those childhood dreams that push us to change, grow and want more, that force us to be better, that allow us to express our uniqueness and that ultimately makes us who we are. ESN Sea Battle has always been a place that unites people from all over the world, and this time we want to celebrate this unity by proving that when we are together, nothing is impossible. ESN Sea Battle is a unique opportunity to take part in an event that will change the course of history and allow our wide network to reach another milestone on the road to worldwide recognition and serve as a reminder that we are strongest when we are together.

- Aleksandr Sedov, National Event Manager

Get your ticket before all spots are taken as the number is limited! You can find all information about the event on our channels:

If you are curious about the past editions, you can watch aftermovies on the ESN Sea Battle YouTube channel.

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About ESN Sweden

ESN Sweden

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest student volunteer associations in Europe. ESN is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation of which ESN Sweden is a member. ESN is represented at 14 Higher Education Institutions across Sweden. We work actively with projects that will improve the situation for international students studying in Sweden as well as promote exchange opportunities to go abroad. Every year ESN Sweden is responsible for more than 15 000 students that come from all across the world to do their mobility in Sweden.

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