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Åre introduces public recycling in town as legacy of Åre 2019


Åre 2019 is working to minimize waste and single-use articles. The event has also helped to create a positive legacy for the town of Åre in the form of recycling system for the public spaces. The system will live on after the Championships for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Åre 2019 has been certified as Eco-labelled event by Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Tidy).

Åre introduces public recycling in town as legacy of Åre 2019. Photo: Lisa Johansson
Åre introduces public recycling in town as legacy of Åre 2019. Photo: Lisa Johansson

– We are working to maximize the amount of waste that is recycled, to reduce food waste and to make sure that everyone can easily sort their waste while visiting the Championships, said Riikka Rakic, Head of Sustainability at Åre 2019.

For the past 18 months, Åre 2019 has been working together with the Municipality of Åre and Åre Destination on improving recycling in the public spaces in the town of Åre. The work has resulted in the purchase of new recycling containers and services for the public areas by the Municipality of Åre that will be implemented in time for the Championships. The recycling solution will be a positive legacy that lives on after the event for the benefit of the local residents and visitors. The service will be extended into the other residential centers within the municipality of Åre during 2019.

– Åre 2019 has been working very proactively and intensively on the sustainability of the Championships, and we are happy to certify the event as Eco-labelled event, confirmed Malin Larsson Salo, responsible for the certification at Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Tidy).

A total of 50 000 meals will be served during the Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. As one of the ways to reduce waste and minimize the number of disposable articles during the Championships, Åre 2019 has chosen to operate its own kitchen. This kitchen will prepare meals for all the volunteers and staff, as well as the media and VIP guests. By assuming responsibility of the entire process from procurement to waste management of the food and beverage provision, Åre 2019 organizers can make sure that as much as possible is recyclable and compostable, that food waste is minimized through targeted procurement and careful meal planning, and that all packaging and food waste is recycled.

The recycling solutions and services in the Åre 2019 World Championships Arena will be provided together with the local specialist provider Lundstams Återvinning AB.




Åre introduces public recycling in town as legacy of Åre 2019. Photo: Lisa Johansson
Åre introduces public recycling in town as legacy of Åre 2019. Photo: Lisa Johansson
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Åre 2019 english
Åre 2019 english
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Scheduled from 4-17 February 2019, Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships will mark the third time that the second largest winter sport event after the Olympic Winter Games is held in Åre, Sweden. After the 1954 and 2007 editions, Åre 2019 will welcome the world’s top skiers and some 120’000 visitors to an epic celebration of skiing, snow and winter. The 11 medal competitions staged in the unique atmosphere of the leading Scandinavian ski resort will excite millions of global viewers and inspire great numbers to join the sport in active practice.  

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At Åre 2019, Leif Kristian Nestvold-Haugen will be defending his St Moritz 2017 bronze medal in the giant slalom. The 31-year married father of a son was also part of the Norwegian team that won a historic bronze in the inaugural Olympic Alpine Team Event at PyeongChang 2018. In 2019, however, the Attacking Vikings Championships team might feature two Haugens, with Leif Kristian’s younger sister Kristine Gjelsten also joining the party.

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