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GSB Gold Standard Banking and SPREE FLUG Luftfahrt - "Take-off" despite Coronavirus


For 24 years the SPREE FLUG has been flying passengers and freight throughout Europe in commercial air traffic. Its strengths are its reliability, flexibility and professionalism. Absolute priority in flight operations is the safety of passengers and their satisfaction. The company's quality assurance system meets the highest standards.

Gold Standard Air und Logistik - Josip Heit - New York 07.07.2020
Gold Standard Air und Logistik - Josip Heit - New York 07.07.2020

Their aircraft are stationed at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, the future BER (Berlin-Brandenburg Airport "Willy Brandt"), and at Leipzig Airport. However, they are hardly ever to be found there, as they rotate throughout Europe as part of an "open base operation", here especially for GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, whose C-level-Managers also travel around the globe during times of the coronavirus pandemic for their customers. SPREE FLUG focuses on short distances to its customers, as flight requests have to be processed promptly and, in line with the dynamics of the business, realised quickly.

The basis for the success of this system is the independence of the operation from third party providers in the planning of flights, which is especially appreciated by Josip Heit as Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG as a cooperation partner of SPREE FLUG, against the background of which aircraft have currently been purchased which SPREE FLUG includes in its charter portfolio. The procurement of flight permits, selection of flight routes, preparation of flight schedules and all documents and records necessary for the flights are comprehensively realised by a dedicated Operations Team (OPS) within the company.

This enables the airline to respond quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively to enquiries and short-term changes, which ultimately reflects in customer satisfaction and their booking decisions and is of essential importance, especially in the current coronavirus pandemic. Customers of SPREE FLUG are cared for all around, be it in the choice of the hotel, the pick up from the place of residence or hotel to the airport or even in the organisation of the personal security of the passengers.

And if an aircraft is required for the selection of the destination, which the SPREE FLUG does not have itself against the background of the tonnage, no problem. The aviation company has a worldwide network of partners who keep the desired aircraft in stock, no matter if Airbus, Boeing or Global Express. The necessary aircraft is organized so that the customer can travel to his destination - reliably, punctually and relaxed, as owner and chief pilot Paul Häusler assures the Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation, Josip Heit.

The employees in the SPREE FLUG team are highly motivated and technically competent. When selecting the personnel, SPREE FLUG attaches great importance to strength of character, loyalty, outward appearance and correct appearance towards the customers in addition to professional qualification. SPREE FLUG invests a lot of attention and the necessary time in the development of younger colleagues, just like in a football team, where the next generation is often the seed for success.

The fleet of the SPREE FLUG Luftfahrt GmbH consists of aircraft which can fly to any place on earth. Paul Häusler and Josip Heit rely on the latest technology for their aircraft. The aircraft in the business jet sector of the Brazilian manufacturer EMBRAER meet these requirements. They are innovative, powerful, reliable and meet the highest standards of comfort. Apart from that, they can be operated economically and also environmentally consciously, which is in the interest of SPREE FLUG Luftfahrt GmbH.

For two years now, the airline has been successfully operating the Aircraft type PHENOM 300 E, among others. Further aircraft of this type will be added in the current year. In addition, it is planned to strengthen the fleet with the aircraft type PREATOR 600. These aircraft are manufactured by EMBRAER and delivered brand new to SPREE FLUG and GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG. The SPREE FLUG will then be able to fly destinations for the GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG within a radius of 7.400 km, so that routes like Berlin to New York will not be a problem.

The time under Corona is certainly a time with special demands. For Executive Aviation it is a time of new possibilities. In this respect, travel by business people in executive positions is becoming more individual. The time factor and travelling in an environment where the risk of infection is minimised is becoming more significant against this background, which is why tomorrow it will be "We are ready to take off!


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Gold Standard Air und Logistik - Josip Heit - New York 07.07.2020
Gold Standard Air und Logistik - Josip Heit - New York 07.07.2020
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GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG and SPREE FLUG - Airbus A320 Neo CJ VVIP - Josip Heit - New York USA - 07.07.2020
GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG and SPREE FLUG - Airbus A320 Neo CJ VVIP - Josip Heit - New York USA - 07.07.2020
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GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG
GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG

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