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Hytera Takes Social Responsibility as Core Driving Force for Long-term Business Success


Hytera (SZSE: 002583), the leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, has released its annual Corporate Responsibility Report recently, summarizing the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in 2021.

As a leading player in the Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) industry, Hytera has a long history of providing stakeholders with transparent information on its annual sales and ESG performance. The report features successes achieved last year, including its performance on business development as well as environmental sustainability, as well as technical support for public events and disaster relief around the world.

Continuous Innovation to Lead the Industry Transformation

Hytera is focused on technological innovation to drive business development. By the end of 2021, Hytera's total R&D investment had increased to USD 162 million, accounting for 18.05% of the sales revenue, and R&D personnel accounted for over 40% of the staff. Hytera has filed for 2,892 patents in total, including 507 PCT patents, 291 overseas patents, and 79 5G and LEO satellites patents; the overall patent licensing rate has reached 93.32%.

Hytera’s PMR-LTE convergent solutions have been recognized by the market in the past few years and so far, Hytera has deployed more than 200 converged multi-media PTT platforms globally and has been cooperating with over 20 local operators to better serve more vertical industry uses. In 2021, the International Critical Communications Awards (ICAA) awarded Hytera the “Best Use of Critical Communications in Utilities” in recognition of its Hytalk PoC customer case using PMR-LTE convergent solutions.

Better Operation for Environmental Sustainability

Hytera is dedicated to operating with sustainable business practices, including energy saving, emission reduction, and green and recyclable product manufacturing management. In 2021, Hytera’s electricity consumption decreased by 25% YOY, and general industrial waste dropped by 22% YOY.

In 2021, Hytera's subsidiaries HMF and Teltronic have organized multiple Green Travel campaigns, which reduced 809 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, exhaust gas and noise pollution by bike cycling instead of car driving in commutes to work.

Participation in Social Activities and Community Service to Repay the Society

Hytera has actively contributed its capabilities to improve disease prevention, for example, donating two-way radios to staff in hospitals, medical teams and security departments around the world in order to combat COVID-19.

Hytera also actively participated in various social welfare activities. In late 2021, Hytera supported Tinzert Elementary School of Morocco with a donation of warm coats and medical masks, and renovated the school to withstand the coldness of the mountainous area. Besides, Hytera was recognized as the science and technology education center and set up technology tutorials for both students and adults utilizing the PMR technologies and devices.

In terms of disaster relief, Hytera provided professional communication supports to the local rescue teams for flood relief in Henan China, and western Germany. Hytera also provided support to Blue Sky Rescue (BSR) volunteers in Europe to empower their post-disaster rescue work.

This year, the world faced greater global challenges than ever before, necessitating the use of professional technologies and products. Hytera’s innovations in communications technologies are revolutionizing industries and addressing some of the society's serious challenges.

Hytera is proud of its efforts to protect the environment and keep the community safe, and everything it does is guided by the code of ethics and business conduct.

Hytera will continue to make contributions to the people, communities, and the environment in order to make the world more intelligently connected and to help shape a better future for everybody.

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