Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund

Karl Swartling ends as Managing Director for AP6


After seven years as Managing Director for AP6, Karl Swartling has decided to move on. Margareta Alestig Johnson, Deputy Managing Director, has been appointed by the Board as acting Managing Director. Recruitment process of new Managing Director commences.

- It has been seven eventful and very developing years. When I took office, the Board had decided on a new overall strategy. This has been implemented and a new private equity portfolio has been built up. AP6 delivers a very good return and has succeeded in establishing partnerships with several of the leading players who invest in unlisted companies in Europe, as well as a number of players in North America. AP6 has very competent and professional employees that I will miss. My new job is to lead a new business where I start after the summer, says Karl Swartling, outgoing Managing Director of AP6.

The Board has appointed Deputy Managing Director Margareta Alestig Johnson to serve as acting Managing Director from March 1, when Karl Swartling leaves the role of Managing Director of AP6.

- For me and the board, it has been a privilege to work with Karl Swartling who has professionally and successfully developed AP6 within the framework of the long-term strategy. We wish him all the best in his new mission. AP6 has a stable and competent organization which, during the recruitment of a new Managing Director, will be led by Margareta Alestig Johnson, who is Deputy Managing Director and has served in that position for six years, says Catrina Ingelstam, Chairman of the Board at AP6.



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The Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP6) differs from the other National Pension (AP) funds in the Swedish buffer capital system in that it has a special mandate to invest in unlisted assets. These assets are companies that are not listed on any stock market. AP6 is also a closed fund. In simplified terms this means no new money coming in, no money going out. AP6 manages the capital allocated to it at inception in 1996, plus the returns that have been generated. 
AP6 invests in unlisted companies in two ways, directly and indirectly. Direct investment means that AP6 buys shares in an unlisted company. Indirect investment refers to AP6 making an investment in a private equity fund, which in turn invests in unlisted companies. 
Sustainability is an integral part of the investment process which includes models for ESG due diligence and monitoring. AP6 regards sustainability to be a prerequisite for achieving high returns in the long term. 
AP6 is a long-term investor, with an investment horizon of between five and ten years.