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Mascot Valle ensures fun for the entire family 


The Åre 2019 World Ski Championships will be an event for the entire family. Valle the Snowman will be taking care of the youngest visitors. At the arena and around Åre, Valle will be cheering and giving high fives to ensure that everyone is having a great time.

Valle, the official Åre 2019 mascot. Photo by SkiStar AB.
Valle, the official Åre 2019 mascot. Photo by SkiStar AB.

A fantastic atmosphere, fun in the snow and a ski festival are integral to the Åre 2019 World Ski Championships and also the mission of the children’s best friend on the slopes:  Valle the Snowman. If you’ve ever visited Åre, you will have seen the snowman who has his very own shows and ski school, and who loves to hug. Valle’s greatest pleasure is to see that kids are having fun and enjoying themselves. Valle has yet another important task, however, as he also serves as the official mascot of Åre 2019.  

During the Championships, Valle will be present both in town and in the Arena. He will have his own VIP area in the finish for children where they can meet him but also experience the world’s best ski racers from the front row. Valle will make sure that the youngsters can watch the competitions without adults standing on the way. 

In his role as cheerleader and mascot for Åre 2019, Valle will also visit schools in Åre and Undersåker before the Championships. As part of the cooperation between Åre 2019 and the municipality of Åre, all school children in the municipality will be well prepared to come and cheer for the world’s best racers.  

The more than 70 entered nations will be studied in geography and social studies classes, and all the facts and figures essential in ski racing will be covered in math. To really feel part of the World Championships, the youngest visitors aged between three and nine can also participate in Valle’s World Championships that are staged in Björnen, Duved and Rödkullen every Wednesday over the entire ski season.

To make sure that Åre 2019 deliver on the goal of being family friendly Championships, Valle will play a key role, as cheerleader, as the children’s best friend and as the official mascot. The vision of Åre 2019 is to inspire the world to ski and that necessitates a special emphasis on youngsters. The future generations of ski racers will receive an especially warm welcome in Åre during the World Championships, led by Valle, who will ensure a great experience for the entire family!

There will be loads of activities for children and the youth during the World Championships in Åre also outside of the competitions. More details will be published on the are2019.com website shortly. 

Read more about Valle here.

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More about Valle’s VIP

Valle will have its own VIP area in the Arena where children can come and meet Valle and take photos with him. Valle will have a surprise for every child visiting him.



Valle, the official Åre 2019 mascot. Photo by SkiStar AB.
Valle, the official Åre 2019 mascot. Photo by SkiStar AB.
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Åre 2019 english
Åre 2019 english
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Scheduled from 4-17 February 2019, Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships will mark the third time that the second largest winter sport event after the Olympic Winter Games is held in Åre, Sweden. After the 1954 and 2007 editions, Åre 2019 will welcome the world’s top skiers and some 120’000 visitors to an epic celebration of skiing, snow and winter. The 11 medal competitions staged in the unique atmosphere of the leading Scandinavian ski resort will excite millions of global viewers and inspire great numbers to join the sport in active practice.  

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