Media Service EUrVOTE offers running coverage of the European Parliament elections


The European Elections have entered the final phase. Until May 26, citizens in the 28 European Union member countries are being called to the polls to cast their votes for the next EU Parliament.

Complementing the great amount of already-published theme packages as well as many diverse interactive widgets, the media service EUrVOTE ( is also providing coverage and updated information both during and beyond the voting process. Editorial teams can make use of this material for their own reporting free of charge.

The interactive widgets will be visualising in real-time the results of the EU Elections. An overview of the tools available can be found at: Beyond this, the eight theme packages which have already been published will be steadily updated.

Besides such topics as environment and climate protection, migration and internal issues, the digital transformation and innovation, and the economy and trade, the packages also deal with the history of the EU, the European election itself, latest developments, and the future of the community of Europe's states. All the texts are illustrated, with interactive graphics rounding out the media service offering.


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About Media service EUrVOTE:

Under, information packages about the European elections are provided free of charge for use by the media.

The project is sponsored by the European Parliament.

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Media Service EUrVOTE: Continuing coverage after the European Parliament election31.5.2019 08:23:16 CESTPress release

The European Parliament election of 2019 is over – and one thing is already certain: In many member states a clearly higher number of people voted compared to the previous European elections. According to the EU Parliament, projections show that around 51 per cent of the some 400 million eligible voters cast their ballots, thereby making for a larger turnout than during the past 20 years. A great deal of work is awaiting the re-elected and newly-elected deputies. In June, the party blocs will be reconstituted. In early July the new parliament will meet for its first session. Starting July 15 at the earliest the parliament is to elect the new EU Commission President; then in September the experts committees will examine the credentials of the 27 candidates for the new EU Commission who are to begin their work on November 1. The Media service EUrVOTE ( will be providing continuing coverage of these and other important developments from Brussels, Strasbourg and elsewhere

Media service EUrVOTE posts widgets for the European election17.5.2019 13:22:43 CESTPress release

Which parties in the European Parliament are favoured by voters across the continent? Which candidates must reckon with losing their support? And how will the seats in the chamber be distributed among the individual member states? Ahead of the European Parliament election from May 23 to 26, the media service EUrVOTE ( is providing a series of interactive widgets for use by online editorial teams free of charge. In the run-up to the election the tools will feature the latest opinion surveys from the EU member states, a survey of the European parties' top candidates, as well as an overview of the most important political issues in the time immediately following the election.Starting with the first voting projections, the widgets will visualize in real-time the results from all member states as well as the distribution of seats in the next EU Parliament. As with the previous information packages published by the media service EUrVOTE, editorial teams may use these widget

Media service EUrVOTE: New theme package – "Future of the EU"6.5.2019 10:10:00 CESTPress release

- Picture is available at AP Images ( - Only a few weeks remain until citizens of the European Union will be called to the polls from May 23 to 26 to elect the ninth European Parliament. Much more is at stake than just the question which deputies will be meeting in Strasbourg and Brussels during the forthcoming legislative period. In view of the many issues the EU is currently facing – including for example the Euro crisis, Brexit, and rising nationalist tendencies in many member states – the election is not least a vote with direct implications on the future form and direction of the bloc. In this context the media service EUrVOTE ( is making available a new theme package titled "Future of the EU". Editorial teams can incorporate the contents into their coverage free of charge. Apart from an overview of the most pressing political issues in the EU in the years ahead, EUrVOTE contains a background report on the ongoing debate about the forthcom

Media service EUrVOTE: New theme package – "Economy and trade"15.4.2019 10:40:00 CESTPress release

What are the priorities of the European Union in terms of foreign trade? What benefits does the Single Market have to offer the bloc's over 500 million citizens? And what is the relationship between free trade agreements, growth and jobs? The European Union is not only a political heavyweight; it is also one of the most influential economic players on the world stage. Questions revolving around the future of the EU's economic policy will be among the most important issues during the upcoming European Parliament elections, which take place from 23 to 26 May 2019. Under the title "Economy and trade" the media service EUrVOTE ( is making available a new theme package to the media, which editorial teams can incorporate into their coverage free of charge. The package provides an overview of the EU’s current political agenda regarding the Single Market and external trade. It also contains up-to-date information as well as background reports on topics such as the 20th annive

EUrVote publishes new information package on migration and the interior4.3.2019 10:45:00 CETPress release

What member states of the European Union are responsible for migrants rescued from the Mediterranean? Can the EU agree on how to distribute asylum seekers among its members? The issue of migration is bound to play a major role in the European Parliament election that takes place from 23 to 26 May. Under the title "Migration and the Interior", EUrVote ( is making available a new topical information package to the media, which editorial teams can incorporate into their coverage free of charge. Apart from an overview over the biggest challenges for the EU and its migration policy, the package contains current information about the planned reinforcement of Frontex as well as several background texts, for example about the legal issues in connection with maritime emergencies. The package also features images and interactive graphics. About EUrVote: In the run-up to the European elections EUrVote publishes information packages under, which can be used by t

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