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Elatec enters into partnership with OSPT Alliance

Mobility solutions for the future: Elatec enters into partnership with OSPT Alliance
Mobility solutions for the future: Elatec enters into partnership with OSPT Alliance

Elatec GmbH, one of the world's leading provider of user authentication and identification solutions, joins the OSPT (Open Standard for Public Transportation) Alliance. The global industry organization is primarily committed to highly secure, interoperable and flexible mobility solutions in public transportation. The replacement of proprietary systems is intended to accelerate digital transformation and enable innovation. As part of the partnership, Elatec's pioneering multi-frequency read/write devices will support OSPT's open standard, CIPURSE.

With more than 100 member companies, OSPT develops future-proof mobility services in the transit and ticketing sector and beyond. The basis for all technical developments is the open standard CIPURSE defined by the OSPT.

As an active driver of digital transformation, Elatec shares OSPT's vision of more efficient, innovative services. Elatec will therefore equip its high-performance multi-frequency readers so that they can be used for all CIPURSE applications. In addition to CIPURSE, the devices also support numerous other transponder technologies commonly used worldwide, offering maximum flexibility.

A concrete example of the use of Elatec readers is electronic ticketing. Whether by bus or ferry, via an annual pass or a one-way ticket, a single reader supports all ticketing solutions based on CIPURSE and can also process more than 60 other transponder technologies. Contactless smartcards based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) allow passengers to be authenticated quickly, securely and accurately as they pass through the access control system.

Andreas Johne, Global Head of Product Management at Elatec: "We are convinced that the open standard in public transport and beyond is a successful model for the future and facilitates innovation. By joining the OSPT Alliance, we support our partners to participate in this development."

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Mobility solutions for the future: Elatec enters into partnership with OSPT Alliance
Mobility solutions for the future: Elatec enters into partnership with OSPT Alliance

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