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The Swedish Prosecution Authority´s English webpage has been updated. The purpose is to offer new content which is better adapted to foreign visitors. The webpage now contains answers to frequently asked questions about how the Swedish judicial system works, and prosecutors´ role within it.

A new part of the webpage that aims to raise awareness of the Swedish judicial system is a timeline describing the various stages from when a person is arrested to when a verdict is given.

“The timeline´s aim is to guide our visitors through prosecutors´ central role, and at the same time provide knowledge about how the Swedish judicial system works,” says Karin Rosander, Director of Communication.

One of the target groups who visit the webpage is foreign journalists in need of assistance in gaining knowledge of Swedish prosecutors´ role.

“Our Swedish judicial system is different if you compare it to other countries. For example, we do not have a bail system, state or district public prosecutors, or a jury in Sweden. It´s important that this is clear when journalists report on Swedish cases of international interest,” says Karin Rosander.



Director of Communication, Karin Rosander, +46 10 562 50 10.

Press Service, +46 10 562 50 20


About Swedish Prosecution Authority

Swedish Prosecution Authority
Swedish Prosecution Authority


The Swedish Prosecution Authority contributes to combatting crime in an effective and legally complaint way.

The Swedish prosecutor has a central role within the judicial system, both in Sweden and in an international context. The prosecutor’s role is to independently lead criminal investigations, make decisions on charges and take cases to court.

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Investigation into serious breach of data secrecy by Russian intelligence agency discontinued13.4.2021 11:02:21 CEST | Pressmeddelande

During the period December 2017 to May 2018, the Swedish Sports Confederation was the target of repeated and comprehensive breaches of their computer system in Sweden. The offence is classified as serious breach of data secrecy. Today, the prosecutor has decided to discontinue the investigation due to the lack of the necessary preconditions for taking legal proceedings abroad or extradition to Sweden.

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