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Prosecution of a Former Surgeon at Karolinska University Hospital


Today, Director of Public Prosecution, Mikael Björk has issued an indictment for aggravated assault in a case where three people had synthetic tracheas implanted at Karolinska University Hospital. The prosecutor is available to the media on telephone for brief comments.

On 11 December 2018, Mikael Björk decided to reopen a previously discontinued investigation into two cases of causing physical injury, serious crime. Both cases concern two individuals who had synthetic tracheas implanted. During the reopened investigation, the investigation into another case of causing physical injury, serious crime, has been reopened. This concerns a third individual who has had a synthetic trachea implanted.

- During the reopened investigation, additional written evidence was obtained and more interviews were held with individuals in Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States and Spain. As a result of these interviews and the written evidence obtained, it has become clear to me that the operations were carried out in conflict with science and proven experience, and were therefore not carried out based on any legal form of medical care or licensed research study, says Director of Public Prosecution Mikael Björk at the Development Centre at the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

- The operations, which have caused the three injured parties serious physical injuries and great suffering, have been carried out with absolutely no legal basis. I have made the assessment that the three operations are therefore to be judged as aggravated assault rather than causing physical injury, serious crime, and that it is the former surgeon at Karolinska University Hospital who alone should bear the criminal responsibility. Upon reinterview, he has been notified that he is suspected on reasonable grounds of aggravated assault in three cases. These criminal suspicions, as well as the original suspicions of causing physical injury, serious crime, are completely denied by the suspect, says Mikael Björk.

Mikael Björk will not currently provide further details as to why he believes the operations were carried out with no legal basis and are therefore to be judged as three cases of aggravated assault. These details and explanations will first be made at the upcoming main hearing.

- I have assessed that the degree of evidence provides sufficient reason to issue an indictment for aggravated assault in three cases and I have, therefore, earlier today submitted such an indictment to Solna District Court, says Mikael Björk.

During large parts of the reopened investigation, Mikael Björk has been assisted by two prosecutors.

- We have also received comprehensive and extremely competent investigative assistance from the National Operative Department at the Swedish Police Authority, says Mikael Björk.

Solna District Court case number: B 10553–18


Director of Public Prosecution Mikael Björk will be available for short media interviews via phone today, 29 September, between 10.00 and 11.30.
Phone: +46 10 562 71 02

The next occasion Mikael Björk will be available for the media will be following the trial’s final day. The date and time will be communicated via a new press release.

Solna District Court sets the date for the main hearing. As of now, this date is not known.

Press Service, +46 10 562 50 20



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