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Qred and Lunar Way join forces in Denmark


A new collaboration between number one Nordic SME lender Qred and leading Nordic banking app Lunar Way has been established and will give Danish entrepreneurs access to better financing.

Business plans. Budgets. Annual reports. And perhaps worst of all – a brutally slow application process. Any business owner who has applied for a corporate loan with a traditional bank will likely have experienced the complexity of this procedure.

A new partnership between two fintech scale-up companies Qred and Lunar Way will put an end to this enigma. Now, Lunar Ways Business users can apply for a corporate loan with Qred, directly through their Lunar Way app.

—I have personal experience of how difficult it can be for small business owners to be granted loans during the start-up phase. It’s not only a frustrating and complex barrier for the day-to-day operations of a business, it also hamstrings future growth. We want to contribute to the Danish spirit of entrepreneurship, says Qred CEO and founding partner Emil Sunvisson.

Qred was established in Stockholm in 2015 with the vision of making it easier for small and recently started companies to get access to financing. In only four years, Qred has helped more over 8 000 businesses, and the foundation of the Qred success in Denmark and Scandinavia is the company’s technical platform for applications and lending.

Qred has developed an automated tool which, besides using the same data as banks use in their credit estimates, also includes non-traditional sources of information such as tracking the client’s business on social media, customer ratings, geodata, invoice history and financial reports.

With this partnership, Lunar Way wishes to make it easier for business owners to quickly get help with financing for working capital purposes or upon encountering investment opportunities.

—Only four years ago, Lunar Way was also a startup. We are aware of the challenges that new business owners face. Therefore, we want to enable our users to solve possible problems quickly and return to what is important – running the business, says Lunar Way COO Morten Sønderskov.

Lunar Way wishes to create a financial marketplace where users can get access to a number of financial services, while simultaneously monitor their private economy directly through the Lunar Way app. The partnership with Qred is the latest in a series of high-value collaborations.

—Several of our recent partnerships have been intended for Private users. We are together with Qred very pleased to now be offering our Lunar Way Business users a new service. Corporate loans is a product our users have requested for a long time, says Morten Sønderskov.




Qred Holding AB (publ) eng
Qred Holding AB (publ) eng

Qred helps small companies grow by providing fair and accessible financing. Launched in Sweden in 2015, Qred has expanded to Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands, offering entrepreneurs loans for investments and working capital. An automated and fully digital process keeps costs and credit losses low, while simultaneously giving customers the user experience they deserve and expect. Qred was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, and is helping redefine small business financing in northern Europe.

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Qred increases income by 90 % first quarter 202028.5.2020 14:30:00 CESTPress release

Qred’s growth in the first quarter of 2020 continued at a rapid pace, despite the difficult developments in the local and global economies. In early March, Qred was named Sweden’s fastest growing company and placed 8th in Europe, alongside global heavyweights, when the Financial Times published their annual list of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies. From mid-March, the situation in the market changed significantly as a result of the pandemic caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Qred’s business model is well suited to handle such downturns in the economy without large disruptions to our business. “We have been able to mitigate many of the effects caused by the corona virus thanks to our digitalized processes and cloud-based business model. In addition, we have a balanced customer base that extends across many industries, which spreads the risk further, “says Andrea Romander at Qred. The pandemic has however created uncertainty in the general economy going forward. The compan

Qred Holding AB publishes bond prospectus and applies for listing of its bonds on Nasdaq Stockholm17.4.2020 14:00:00 CESTPress release

Qred Holding AB (publ) (the “Company”) has issued a senior secured bond loan of EUR 40,000,000 on 17 June 2019, within a total framework amount of EUR 100,000,000, on the Swedish bond market. The bonds carry a floating interest rate and mature on 17 June 2022. The Company will apply for listing of the bonds on the Corporate Bond list at Nasdaq Stockholm during May 2020 and the bonds are planned to be admitted to trading at Nasdaq Stockholm during May or early June 2020. In connection with this, the Company has prepared a prospectus. The prospectus has been approved by, and registered with, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of 14 June 2017 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The prospectus will be available on the Financial Supervisory Authority’s website (www.fi.se) and on the Company’s website (wp.qred.com/se/bond-information). For further information, please contact: Andrea Gyllencreutz Romander, Head of Communicat

Qred repurchases bonds to strengthen equity27.3.2020 16:30:00 CETPress release

Qred Holding AB (publ) (the “Company”) has repurchased bonds with a nominal value of EUR 7,300,000. The repurchases concern the Company’s senior secured bonds with a nominal outstanding amount of EUR 40,000,000 (ISIN: SE001250726). The bonds have a floating rate corresponding to EURIBOR 3m plus 8.5 percent and are due in June 2022. The average purchase price corresponds to 75.75 percent of the nominal value of the bonds. Following the purchases, the Company’s holding amounts to a nominal amount of EUR 7,300,000.

Q3 Report: Qred Increases Lending by 95%28.11.2019 09:00:00 CETPress release

Consistent, strong growth continues to characterize the first nine months of the year. Qred is growing in both established markets such as Sweden and Finland, as well as in newer markets such as Denmark and the Netherlands. Thus far in 2019, the cost base in the group has grown in line with revenue growth. Interest income and the loan portfolio continue to increase, while operating income and earnings have been countered by a higher cost of funding.

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