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Skiing and horses – don’t miss the craziest event in 2019


Some of Sweden's craziest skiers will take on a new challenge during the World Champs in Åre. World Champions Andrea Holm (wind surfing) and Victor Öhling Norberg (ski cross) are just two of the participants in Åre 2019 Skijoring where skiers will be pulled by a horse (!). This will, no doubt, be one of the most spectacular events at Åre 2019!

Åre 2019 Horse Skijoring will be one of the great side events during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre 2019. Photo: Skijoring America (All Rights Reserved)
Åre 2019 Horse Skijoring will be one of the great side events during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre 2019. Photo: Skijoring America (All Rights Reserved)

On Saturday, 9 February, the Åre Event Program and equestrian center Wången will host Åre 2019 Skijoring. A number of local names will compete for the honor of being the first Åre Skijoring Champion. 

We are pleased to announce the names of the esteemed contenders:

Sverre Liljequist:Mr Liljequist is one of Sweden’s top free riders. He’s made his mark on the World Pro Ski Tour and in the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, among other places, and is the founder of the beanie brand Kask.

Alexander Rydén”The Flying Camera Man” grew up in Edsåsdalen, not far from Åre, and is the man behind several daring ski video productions. Did we mention that he is an amazing skier and just crazy enough to take on pretty much any challenge? 

Victor Öhling NorbergBetter known as VÖN, Victor has made a name for himself in the international Ski Cross world. Indeed, he is the reigning 2017 World Ski Cross Champion and has promised to take a break from competing on the world stage to be in Åre on 9 February.

Wille LindbergWille’s credentials are impressive and including a number of podiums in the Scandinavian Big Mountain Champs. Today he co-manages the hotel & restaurant Fjällsätra with girlfriend My Ernevi.

Per JonssonPer was born in Kiruna and is, according to himself, as comfortable on cross-country skis as riding his Telemarks. His breakthrough in the world of free riding came in 2003 when he landed two backflips in front of Henrik Trygg’s camera in Saas Fee.

Tom-Oliver HedvallÅre visitors and natives might have seen him as a host at the local TV station TV Åre. He is also one of the people running ski manufacturer CMD Skis and an ambassador for Protect Our Winters Sweden. This guy has many tricks up his sleeve.

Andrea Holm: Andrea seems as comfortable in water as on skis. If a wind-surfing world champion has an advantage when it comes to being pulled behind a horse, Andrea will wipe the floor with the rest of the participants at Åre 2019 Skijoring.

Daniel MatthiasDaniel has fed most inhabitants and visitors in Åre and makes the best ice cream in Sweden at his bakery cafe Grädda. That is, when he’s not skiing on Skutan or roller skiing around town. This is a strong contender for the podium!

When? Saturday 9 February, 17.00 CET
Where? AlongÅrevägen
Who? Teams consisting of a horse, a rider and invited skiers Sverre Liljequist, Alexander Rydén, Victor Öhling Norberg, Wille Lindberg, Per Jonsson, Tom-Oliver Hedvall, Andrea Holm and Daniel Matthias

Curious? Check out the video here.

Wish to know more? Contact us at info@are2019.com.

About Horse Skijoring

Skijoring made its official debut as a competition sport at the Nordic Games 1901 in Stockholm. Back then, reindeer were used as horsepower. Already the Sami employed reindeer to pull themselves around the mountains on skis several hundred years ago. Skijoring with horses, or equestrian skijoring, was included as one of the sports at the very first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924. At that time, the sport was popular in several Central European countries and spread to the USA where a series of competitions is now held at various ski resorts. 

In equestrian skijoring, a team consists of a horse, a rider and a skier, who is pulled on a tow rope behind the horse along a course with jumps, bends and gates, collecting rings in his arm all the way until the finish line. There are penalties for missed gates, jumps and rings.

At Åre 2019, equestrian skijoring will feature horses fromWången in Jämtland and invited local skiers brave enough will race inthe center of Åre starting from outside the Creperie and finish line at Åre Square. Perhaps some of these teams will go on to compete at Stockholm 2026?  



Åre 2019 Horse Skijoring will be one of the great side events during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre 2019. Photo: Skijoring America (All Rights Reserved)
Åre 2019 Horse Skijoring will be one of the great side events during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre 2019. Photo: Skijoring America (All Rights Reserved)
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Åre 2019 english
Åre 2019 english
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Scheduled from 4-17 February 2019, Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships will mark the third time that the second largest winter sport event after the Olympic Winter Games is held in Åre, Sweden. After the 1954 and 2007 editions, Åre 2019 will welcome the world’s top skiers and some 120’000 visitors to an epic celebration of skiing, snow and winter. The 11 medal competitions staged in the unique atmosphere of the leading Scandinavian ski resort will excite millions of global viewers and inspire great numbers to join the sport in active practice.  

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