SolarWinds Cloud Portfolio Enhancements Strengthen Capabilities for Both Infrastructure and Application Monitoring


Tighter integration and new features empower users to monitor more hosts and more applications, more affordably

AUSTIN, Texas, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced significant enhancements across its SolarWinds Cloud®portfolio of SaaS-based products, including updates to AppOptics(TM), Pingdom®, Papertrail(TM), and Loggly® offerings. These SolarWinds Cloud enhancements are designed to deepen visibility across both cloud infrastructure and applications to simplify full-stack monitoring for DevOps and IT Ops professionals and enable a more integrated user experience for customers using more than one product.

New Features and Capabilities for AppOptics, Pingdom, Papertrail, and Loggly
Specific enhancements that broaden infrastructure and application monitoring support and enhance simplicity include:

  • AppOptics - Now offers a unified view to quickly identify outliers and usage patterns through new host map and host list view capabilities. Support for seven programming languages, now including Ruby, Go, and Node.js®, enables deeper visibility into infrastructure and applications. The AppOptics integration with Papertrail and Loggly makes logs available to provide contextual information for troubleshooting.
  • Pingdom - Now provides up to 13 months of data to deepen digital experience monitoring. In addition, users can now generate shareable online reports to effectively communicate across teams. 
  • Papertrail - Adds a new event viewer, new velocity graphs, and dashboard improvements to accelerate troubleshooting.
  • Loggly - Now offers preconfigured dashboards based on log types to simplify monitoring across complex environments. 

"The power of Papertrail is in its simplicity," said Dave North, director of DevOps at Signiant, a U.S.-based media and entertainment company. "The new features build on the product's usability and add real value. For example, being able to favorite groups in the dashboard saves me time. The new velocity graphs are especially valuable, as they let us visualize the error rate, and quickly determine whether we have a small or large problem."

In addition to these new features, tighter integration within the portfolio can give users the ability to cross-launch among SolarWinds Cloud products. This means DevOps professionals can now easily move from a dashboard that highlights load time issues on a web page, for example, into a detailed log view to troubleshoot an application infrastructure issue. 

"It is too hard and expensive for DevOps and IT Ops professionals to comprehensively monitor the performance of modern applications in their environment," said Christoph Pfister, executive vice president of products, SolarWinds. "The release today extends our comprehensive monitoring capabilities across infrastructure and applications. Using these powerful, affordable products, our customers will see the full picture of traces, metrics, logs, and the digital experience, improving the responsiveness of their applications and making their lives much easier."

The SolarWinds Cloud enhancements are the latest milestones in the company's drive to deliver a set of comprehensive, simple, and affordable full-stack monitoring solutions. SolarWinds' goal is to enable a single view of infrastructure, applications, and digital experience, which will help customers solve their most complex performance and reliability problems quickly, simply, and affordably.

Pricing and Availability
The enhanced SolarWinds Cloud offerings are available immediately. Pricing starts at $7.50 per month for AppOptics, $9.95 per month for Pingdom, $7.00 per month for Papertrail, and $99.00 per month for Loggly.

*Prices as of June 4, 2018 in U.S. dollars. Pricing may vary based upon the jurisdiction and applicable currency. Please contact a local SolarWinds sales representative to find pricing specific to your jurisdiction.

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