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Survey shows more reports being received through online whistleblowing channel, says WhistleB


Customers are receiving more whistleblowing reports, on a wider range of issues often leading to follow-up investigations, according to findings from the 2018 WhistleB annual customer study on organisational whistleblowing.

For the third year in a row, WhistleB, one of the leading whistleblowing service providers on the market, has carried out a study of the whistleblowing practices of its customers with operations around the world. The most striking finding this year is the significant increase in the number of reports that customers have received.

“There’s no doubt that the #MeToo movement has had an impact, as well as high-profile scandals this year in which whistleblowers received hero status,” says Karin Henriksson, Co-founder, WhistleB. “Employees are feeling braver due to the de-stigmatisation of being a whistleblower, especially if they have access to a system that allows them to report anonymously.”

Another factor driving the increase in reports is likely to be the fact that a wider group of stakeholders, beyond employees, are being invited to access organisational whistleblowing systems. This trend is partly related to the long and more complex global supply chains that organisations deal with today, and business leaders’ beginning to see whistleblowing as a proactive part of their business ethics work.

The study also highlighted the value of whistleblowing information; many reports led to investigations, enabling organisations to act early against misconduct. Nearly half of all reports received by respondents were about economic fraud and irregularities of some sort. However, harassment and other workplace-related abuse issues have also risen during the last year.  Whistleblowers cherish anonymity though, 50% of all reports led to an anonymous dialogue.

“Both leaders and employees at our customers appreciate the anonymous dialogue. It allows evidence to be gathered quickly, misunderstandings to be resolved and even sometimes helps to protect innocent parties that are accused,” explained Karin Henriksson. “This requires compliance to the strictest data protection and security regulations though, which we have as a default in our whistleblowing solutions.”

About the WhistleB customer study

The study was conducted in August 2018 and combines results from a questionnaire sent to 200 customers. Most of these organisations are headquartered in Europe, but many are international. Participants used the WhistleB whistleblower channel to anonymously answer the web-based questionnaire. This is the third customer study carried out by WhistleB.





WhistleB, Whistleblowing centre
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