These investments will increase the value of your house


Who knew doing a little bit of work to your home can increase the price in value exponentially in your favour when you are planning to make some profit on your home or sell it one day. Some key things to look at if you are keen on going down the higher value of the property ladder.

Repairing all loose ends

It's a given if you like your home to rise up in value, some changes need to be made such as repairing and upgrading in areas that need attention. 

Big areas of interest are the exterior part of home that cannot be neglected such as:

  • A bullet proof roof that has no torn shackles or worn out tiles
  • Doors, windows and side panels all sealed and secure
  • Gutters clean and functioning
  • Paint and aesthetic re done around doors and windows or overall house 
  • Fillings in bricks or wood panels that are falling apart and decaying 

The interior is just as important when keeping the house water free from outside and inside disasters that can strike, such as:

  • Any holes and cracks between skirt boardings, floors, walls and ceilings to be filled and sealed
  • Plumbing with toilets, sinks and pipes need to be fully functional and operating
  • Investing in new lavatory items if needed

The repairs need to come first always to ensure that any future problems such as a bursting pipe or a clogged toilet that floods your bathroom, making sure your home is running smoothly with no unattended appliances or falling apart supporting elements so your home is waterproof. 

Atleast if there ever were a flood issue which can happen more than most people would like to believe, when water damage professionals are needed, your home is already alot less worse then it would have been. 

Upgrade to energy efficient features and appliances 

The world is heading toward less energy waste for everything. Be one of the proactive and planet saving homes. 

Where you can make these changes  in your home are:

  • Appliances such as anything electrical running on electricity 
  • Solar panels on the roof for heating

The best part about these upgrades is that future buyers will pay less money in energy costs which is a huge valuable asset. 


If you can add some trees and a pool, then this will improve alot for your investment but as long as your outside landscape is clean, cut and fresh to however ever you like it to be then that is already doing alot.

Renovate kitchen, bathroom and any unused space

A kitchen and bathroom are the top 2 rooms in a house that can make or break someones decision on buying a home. 

Getting all new or upgrading, 

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Cabinets
  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Lavatory items such as bath, sink and toilet

These are great ways to increase the value of your home. 

Another great option is if you have extra space, or an unfinished basement to complete. This can be a great option for renters or bigger families.  




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