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Towards fossil fuel free Championships: Refueling with HVO100 from Colabitoil 


Major events tend to lead to an increase in carbon emissions. But Åre 2019 wants to do something differently during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre. The organizing committee's vision is to set an example and inspire future organizers to take action and show that fossil fuel free sport events are possible.

The snowcats will be fueled by HVO.
The snowcats will be fueled by HVO.

In any major event, sport or other, transport is one of the main sources of carbon footprint. Most athletes, teams, officials, broadcasters and other media will need to travel to the event site, often over a long distance. The same applies to spectators attending the event.

Åre 2019 is no exception. Based on research conducted with students from the Luleå University and validated by an internationally recognized specialist Quantis International, Åre 2019 estimates that about 80%, or 16 500 tons CO2 equivalent, of its estimated total carbon footprint will be created by transport.

Reducing the transport carbon footprint is an area of focus for the Åre 2019 team. It is also a key dimension of the pledge to organize Fossil Fuel Free World Championships, an ambitious initiative where Åre 2019 partners with the Jämtland County government and the Östersund 2019 Biathlon World Championships.

Colabitoil Sweden AB, Åre 2019’s official supplier of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) renewable diesel, is one of the key partners helping reduce event emissions. The cooperation extends from providing the Åre 2019 internal organization and service teams with renewable fuel to making fossil free fuel easily available to the event’s other partners and suppliers, let alone visitors.

– We are going to have two additional service stations in Åre during the February 2019 championships. Visitors coming to Åre from both directions, Östersund or Trondheim, will have easy access to refuel with HVO while in town, said Daniel Arenholm, Head of Communications & Investor Relations at Colabitoil. 

– In addition, we will continue to supply our partner SkiStar Åre with HVO100 which they already use in their groomers and other slope operations. More importantly, we are currently having promising discussions with a number of other Championship partners and suppliers. With everyone contributing, we can join forces in helping Åre 2019 substantially reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

HVO is well known in the Nordic countries as a diesel alternative whose use requires no mechanical change to diesel motors. Additional benefits include lower emissions, cleaner, and more efficiently burning fuel, as well as better cold and storage properties. 

– Unlike here in the North of Europe, HVO is little known in Central Europe. The Åre 2019 partnership with Colabitoil will greatly help increase awareness of this option of renewable diesel within the ski community. This is important since the ski teams are notorious for their excessive carbon footprints that are multiples of the average European’s, said Niklas Carlsson, CEO of Åre 2019.

– We are still working on the challenge with the carbon footprint of visitor transport. The partnership with Colabitoil provides a key piece in this puzzle. We are also hoping that we will reach the individual visitors directly through our ticket packages including public transport. Other ideas we have include incentives for car sharing, more economic parking for those arriving in electric cars and high occupancy vehicles, added Carlsson.

The fossil fuel free World Championships 2019 is an initiative launched by the Jämtland County government that was developed in cooperation with the Jämtland Härjedalen Region, the municipalities of Åre and Östersund, and the organizers of both Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships and the Östersund 2019 IBU Biathlon World Championships, as well as the World Championship Region 2019. The agreement outlines a number of commitments to promote sustainable practices and development in areas such as public transport, electric vehicles, renewable energy and innovation. It builds upon the existing vision of the Jämtland Härjedalen Region to become a fossil fuel free region by 2030 and furthers a cooperation known as the Green Highway, set up with the neighboring Trondelag region of Norway.

What is HVO Biodiesel?

HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil which is a renewable diesel produced in the process of hydrogenation. It is also known as the Green Diesel. Its special feature is the ability to operate in temperatures as cold as -50C. HVO is free of aromatics and sulfur and burns very effectively.

It is a so-called drop-in fuel, meaning that it is chemically equivalent to fossil diesel fuel and can be used in existing diesel engines without technical blend walls. HVO can be produced from many kinds of vegetable oils and fats such as palm oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil as feedstock. One challenge that the production of HVO is to find enough suitable and sustainable feedstock.



The snowcats will be fueled by HVO.
The snowcats will be fueled by HVO.
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Åre 2019 english
Åre 2019 english
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Scheduled from 4-17 February 2019, Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships will mark the third time that the second largest winter sport event after the Olympic Winter Games is held in Åre, Sweden. After the 1954 and 2007 editions, Åre 2019 will welcome the world’s top skiers and some 120’000 visitors to an epic celebration of skiing, snow and winter. The 11 medal competitions staged in the unique atmosphere of the leading Scandinavian ski resort will excite millions of global viewers and inspire great numbers to join the sport in active practice.  

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