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Xlear Files Amended Answer to the Government’s Lawsuit on COVID-19 Statements; Provides Still More Data In Support of Xlear’s Use as Additional Layer of Protection


Xlear has filed an Amended Answer in response to the U.S. Government’s lawsuit against the company. According to Nathan Jones, Xlear’s CEO, the Amended Answer serves three main purposes: First, it provides the Court with still more data that supports the statements Xlear made that nasal hygiene is an additional layer of protection in fighting COVID-19, that our public health officials are ignoring; Second, it lays out in greater detail how the U.S. Government’s lawsuit is an effort to censor science that doesn’t comport with the Government’s vaccine-myopic, failing strategy to combat the disease; Third, it documents how experts, including Dr. Fauci, are increasingly saying the nose is the critical place to fight the virus.

Xlear’s Amended Answer provides two new studies that support the statements Xlear made about the use of its nasal spray as a potential additional layer of protection against COVID-19:

  • A new in vitro study found that use of a simple saline solution stops SAR-CoV2 viral replication in human lung tissue. Rafael R. G. Machado, Talita Glaser, Danielle B. Araujo, Lyvia Lintzmaier Petiz, Danielle B. L. Oliveira, Giuliana S. Durigon, Alessandra L. Leal, João Renato R. Pinho, Luis C. S. Ferreira, Henning Ulrich, Edison L. Durigon, and Cristiane Rodrigues Guzzo, ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science 2021 4 (5), 1514-1527, available at Nate Jones, CEO of Xlear noted, “The Government agrees, Xlear is a saline nasal solution. This in vitro study documents that saline nasal hygiene helps stop COVID-19 from replicating in nasal tissue—which we know is where the virus typically grows and infects people.”
  • New in silico research determined that compounds of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) were effective inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Belmina Saric, et al., In silico analysis of selected components of grapefruit seed extract SARS-CoV-2 main protease, EuroBiotech J., 5 (special issue 1); 2021, 5. DOI: Most importantly, these experts concluded natural GSE—which is a component of Xlear—was more effective than synthetic versions of the compound.

Jones continued: “These aren’t the Random Clinical Trials the Government is so focused on—but you can’t deny the mounting wall of evidence that nasal hygiene should be used as an additional layer of protection against COVID-19. Moreover, the Government recently announced that it won’t require Random Clinical Trials for the new variant vaccines—that requirement seems to only apply when it is convenient for the Government.”

Jones also noted that the SARS-CoV-2 variants are all strains of coronavirus, and experts have long recommended nasal hygiene to combat coronaviruses. “As a rule, prevention methods and symptom-reduction modalities (e.g., over the counter drugs, handwashing) are not variant specific; they are used against colds and flus on the whole, many caused by coronaviruses. One countermeasure that experts, including the US Government, recommend to fight the common cold, including coronavirus-infections, is nasal hygiene.” DeGeorge KC, Ring DJ, Dalrymple SN. Treatment of the Common Cold. Am Fam Physician. 2019 Sep 1;100(5):281-289. PMID: 31478634, reprinted by NIH as authority at (“Treatments with proven effectiveness for cold symptoms [coronavirus infections] in adults include over-the-counter analgesics, zinc, nasal decongestants . . . The only established safe and effective treatments for children are . . . nasal saline irrigation . . .”). “It’s commonsense, something our Government’s response to COVID seems to be lacking,” Jones added.

As part of its efforts to silence Xlear, the Government asked the Utah Federal Court to preclude Xlear from filing the Amended Answer. The Federal Court ruled in Xlear’s favor. The Court’s ruling specifically noted: “The court shares some concern here, as expressed by Defendants, that the underlying purpose [in the Government’s motion to prevent Xlear’s Amended Answer] is to prevent discovery into disputed facts that may lend support to Defendants’ proposed amendments.” “In other words, the Government is doing everything they can stonewall us from shining a light on their failed COVID-19 response,” Jones added.

“A new more infectious and more dangerous variant is sweeping the nation. Infections are up. Hospitalizations are up. Deaths are up. At the same time, fewer and fewer people are willing to get vaccinated for the third, fourth, who knows how many times,” Jones noted. “It’s obvious we need a new, broader—'vaccine-plus’—approach. But rather than educate people, the Government is suing us in retaliation for talking about the science. I’m deeply afraid even telling the Court about these new studies will bring more Government retaliation, however in the face of the Government’s failure what choice is there. When science gives way to dogma, people suffer,” Jones concluded.

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