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New class action against the truck cartel: Another chance for affected companies to assert claims without cost risk4.3.2024 10:05:00 CET | news aktuell GmbH

Hamburg, March 4, 2024 - Picture is available at AP - The renowned LegalTech platform Financialright Trucks officially announced today that it is launching a new collective action against the truck cartel. Affected companies thus have one last opportunity to assert their claims without cost risk. In addition to the classic assignment model, in which Financialright Trucks will assert the claims for damages on behalf of the affected companies, a full purchase of claims (echter Forderungskauf) is also being offered, in which the affected companies can receive an immediate purchase price for the cartel damages claims without having to wait for out-of-court measures or court proceedings against the truck cartel. For years, the truck cartel has been the focus of legal disputes following illegal price fixing. The European Commission established the existence of the cartel with decisions in July 2016 and September 2017. Financialright Trucks is now offering affected companies who have not yet
Hyresgästföreningen Region Sydost

70 % av hyrorna i Blekinge är satta4.3.2024 09:29:19 CET | Hyresgästföreningen Region Sydost

Förhandlingarna om årets hyreshöjning för majoriteten av hyresgästerna i Blekinge är klara. Hyresgästföreningen har förhandlat med flera olika hyresvärdar i länet och cirka 70 procent av alla förhandlingar är nu klara. För de flesta hyresgästerna innebär det en hyreshöjning på runt fem procent. Kraven på höjningar i början av förhandlingarna har enligt Hyresgästföreningens förhandlare varit höga.
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