Welcome spring with a bonfire – Celebrate Walpurgis Eve at Skansen and experience a traditional Swedish holiday in the heart of Stockholm


Walpurgis Eve is approaching, and we invite you to celebrate this traditional holiday at Skansen. On April 30th, join us for a festive gathering to welcome spring and bid farewell to winter with the ancient custom of gathering around the Walpurgis bonfire.

The Walpurgis bonfire at Skansen
Celebrate Walpurgis Eve at Skansen on April 30th Anna Hugosson / Skansen

Every year, Skansen welcomes thousands of visitors to celebrate Walpurgis Eve, also known as Valborg, on April 30th. The program runs from afternoon to late evening, culminating in the lighting of the atmospheric Walpurgis bonfire. One of the highlights is the speech to spring given by a different Swedish celebrity each year, a tradition that inspires and unites people around a shared hope for a brighter future. In addition to the tradition of celebrating Walpurgis Eve, Skansen offers a fantastic view of Stockholm, making it the perfect place to spend a spring evening with family and friends. 

Why We Celebrate Walpurgis Eve

Walpurgis Eve is celebrated in Sweden to welcome spring and bid farewell to winter. Originating in medieval Germany, the tradition has been embraced and adapted over the centuries in Sweden. It marks the transition from the cold, dark winter months to the warmer, brighter days of spring. Additionally, Walpurgis is linked to the Christian saint Walpurgis, celebrated on May 1st, and has evolved to include pagan and folk customs such as bonfires, singing, and dancing. These traditions symbolize the victory of light over darkness and the rejuvenation of nature. 

An Early Skansen Tradition 

Skansen, the renowned open-air museum on Djurgården in central Stockholm, has a long history of celebrating Walpurgis Eve. As early as 1892, just six months after opening, visitors could enjoy a modest celebration with songs and bonfires. Since then, it has been a tradition to welcome spring at Skansen, and today, it is one of Sweden's most beloved traditions. 

On April 30th, University students with a valid student ID have free entry. For other guests, regular entrance fee applies.




The Walpurgis bonfire at Skansen
Celebrate Walpurgis Eve at Skansen on April 30th
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Skansens Folk dancers light the Wlpurgis bonfire
Skansens Folk dancers light the Wlpurgis bonfire
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Skansens Folk dancers light the Wlpurgis bonfire
Skansens Folk dancers light the Wlpurgis bonfire
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About Skansen

In the center of the island Djurgården in Stockholm city you will find Skansen, a place that brings experiences of Swedish nature and culture to life – now, then, and in the future.

Skansen, founded in 1891, is the world’s oldest open-air museum and one of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations, both among Swedes and foreign visitors. In the park you’ll find a collection of historic buildings, plants, and animals with origins from all over Sweden, from north to south, that showcase the way Swedes have lived and worked throughout history.

In the 30-hectare park you can spend a full day just walking around, exploring the environment while overlooking a unique and beautiful view of Stockholm. Skansen is open every day, all year round.

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Senaste pressmeddelandena från Skansen open-air museum

The world’s first open-air museum Skansen closes - for the first time in 129 years20.11.2020 09:34:44 CET | Press release

Next Friday Skansen will close it´s entrances for the first time since opening in 1891. That also means that Christmas at Skansen is cancelled. Due to Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's press conference and clear message earlier this week, "Cancel everything", Skansen sees no other option than to close down operations completely. This is to take responsibility in accordance with the new guidelines where all persons are encouraged to take individual action and not be around more than eight people, within the family.

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