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Postcode Lottery Group achieves record figures


The Postcode Lottery Group announces remarkable achievements in 2023, solidifying its position as one of the global leaders in charitable donations. With a turnover of €2.5 billion and growth across all its lotteries, the Group has set a new record, demonstrating sustained growth and steadfast commitment to positive change.

Happy winners outside Stockholm.
Happy winners outside Stockholm.

In 2023, the Postcode Lottery Group achieved significant milestones. The Group’s lotteries revenue grew by 6.5% last year. Charitable donations totaling €904 million empowered 1,307 charities and thousands of smaller community projects closer to home, contributing to a greener, more just, and healthier world. 

Additionally, loyal players, now playing with 14.3 million subscriptions, won €961 million in prizes and gifts. In 2023, a sum of €632 million was committed to operational, marketing and media costs, crucial for organising our lotteries and maximising impact. Since starting in 1989, the Postcode Lottery Group has now donated an astounding €13.5 billion to good causes globally. 

International growth 

Under the leadership of the executive board consisting of Sigrid van Aken (CEO), Imme Rog (CMO) and Michiel Verboven (CCO), the Group has demonstrated a remarkable 28% growth in turnover in the last four year period, since 2020. Highlighting the growth in Germany, one of the newer Postcode Lottery operations, Sigrid van Aken says: “Seven years on from its launch and players of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie have now raised almost €250 million for over 5,000 social and environmental good causes. Thanks to a growth of more than 300,000 new subscribers which resulted in an impressive 19% rise in revenue, we have provided millions more in funding for our charity partners. We achieved the same in the British market, where a growth of 14% in revenue was achieved.” 

Positive change in today’s world 

The Postcode Lottery Group’s journey began with the simple fact that where you live can help you, your neighbours and your community, change how we all live for the better. With a ticket for good, we bring groups of people together to make a meaningful difference. Through organising Postcode Lotteries, we generate long-term funding for charity partners both local and abroad, while also raising awareness of their impactful work. 

Our multi-year unrestricted funding, based on trust, empowers social organisations to address crises and redirect funding when needed. Much needed in today’s world.

Sigrid van Aken emphasises our collective contribution adding: “We see how every single player can change lives for the better, alongside our charity partners, and our dedicated team. We create tickets that unleash your postcode’s power and do our best to help millions of people enjoy a healthier, fairer, and greener world. This is what we call the Power of Postcodes.”

Postcode Lottery Group uniting

After the success of the Postcode Lottery in the Netherlands, Novamedia, as the format owner, has introduced lotteries in four other countries so far since 2005. Alongside the two Dutch Lotteries (Nationale Postcode Loterij and VriendenLoterij), we now operate in Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, and Norway, collectively known as the Postcode Lottery Group. 

Historically, due to legislation at the time, the Dutch Lotteries had to be housed in a separate organisation. This changed recently. Under the new setup, all lotteries fall within the same international structure, both within and outside the Netherlands. (This became possible due to article 3 of the Dutch Gambling Act being amended in 2016.)

Investments to achieve further growth 

The ambition of the Postcode Lottery Group and the lotteries it organises is to attract as many players as possible with entertainment and attractive prizes. In this way, we aim to raise the highest possible amount of funding for good causes annually and in the long term. This requires constant innovation, investments by Novamedia in the brand and format, and achieving further growth in all lottery operations. Additionally, opportunities are being explored to obtain licenses in other countries so that Postcode Lotteries can be established, and vital funds can be raised for charitable causes in those countries.



Svenska Postkodlotteriet är Sveriges största lotteri där du vinner tillsammans med dina grannar, samtidigt som du bidrar till en bättre värld. Nästan en miljon kunder har varje dag chans till nya vinster. Tack vare alla som är med i lotteriet har vi sedan starten 2005 genererat 15,5 miljarder kronor till ideella organisationer. Postkodlotteriet är idag Sveriges största privata givare till ideell sektor.

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