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SoSafe Introduces The Human Risk OS ™ , Leading the Category Evolution Towards Human Risk Management


SoSafe, Europe’s largest security awareness and human risk management vendor, has announced the launch of their pioneering Human Risk Operating System, The Human Risk OS™, a set of capabilities designed to help customers identify, quantify, monitor, and intervene on human security risk. SoSafe has also presented new capabilities to its Sofie Human Security Copilot, an AI-powered multi-channel agent built entirely on advanced Large Language Models, as well as incremental updates to its flagship product offering such as next-level personalized learning, behavioral phishing simulation, novel security operations and 3rd party data integrations. With that, SoSafe is leading the category evolution from security awareness to human risk management in response to escalating cyber threats and the need for security strategies to address human risk more holistically.

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SoSafe launches The Human Risk OS™, bringing together all of SoSafe’s security offerings into a single cohesive platform that helps security teams to drive a holistic human risk management strategy and foster security cultures. Copyright: SoSafe GmbH

Dr Niklas Hellemann, Psychologist and CEO at SoSafe: “To achieve real risk reduction and meet the demands of security leaders, basic awareness measures alone don’t cut it. While traditional and generic awareness programs focus on awareness and knowledge transfer–educating individuals about potential threats and instructing them on response strategies–this approach often falls short in today’s dynamic environment. The evolving landscape requires an evolution to holistic human risk management, which prioritizes the outcomes and the drivers of behavior and helps to sustainably mitigate human risks.”

The Human Risk OSbrings together all of SoSafe’s security offerings into a single cohesive platform that helps security teams to drive a holistic human risk management strategy and foster security cultures. It focuses on proactively managing security risks through real-time risk detection and continuous analyses, provides enhanced behavioural insights and recommends targeted interventions to customize and optimize defensive responses.

Its three core elements are:

  • Human Behavior Sensors measure an organization’s digital activities, behaviors, and security culture, creating individual and group-level profiles of security behavior.
  • The Human Security Index processes this tracked data and additional contextual information such as level of seniority, tenure, digital access, and functional criticality to create a single index that summarizes security performance for groups and organizations. This score allows organizations to quickly identify concern areas, track progress, and evolution over time, and the impact of different possible interventions.
  • The Intervention Hub suggests intervention strategies to mitigate human-related security risks and drive behavioral change and healthy security.

Gonçalo Gaiolas, CPO at SoSafe: “We believe in the power of people in the fight against cybercrime. With The Human Risk OS™, organizations invest in more than just a security solution—they invest in a proactive approach to mitigating human-centric risk and securing their organization's future by putting people at the very center of their efforts. We empower organizations to drive behavioral change and build security cultures by identifying, quantifying, actively managing, and reducing their human risk and by focusing on efficiency to relieve the pressure on overstretched security teams.”

SoSafe also introduced additional capabilities to its “Sofie Human Security Copilot”, an AI-powered multi-channel agent built to meaningfully reduce human risk. Sofie supports security professionals and users with rapid threat awareness, situational awareness, and zero-level security and compliance support. Security leaders can now incorporate organisational policies and specifics into their responses. Built on advanced large language models and featuring an engaging interface, Sofie provides answers to support questions at any time, sends urgent security alerts, and educates users on security best practices, all customized to specific organizational needs and policies.

Unlike other conversational AI-solutions, Sofie focuses on making each interaction with the end user a learning moment in their daily work environment, not just delivering informative content, but also aiming to change behavior.

Gonçalo Gaiolas: “Cybercriminals are already harnessing the power of AI to enhance their social engineering attacks. It's time to use the full potential of AI on the defensive side as well. Our AI-powered multi-channel agent ‘Sofie’ demonstrates the power of AI for cyber defenses: It’s a multifunctional tool that makes security information accessible to everyone anytime, provides learning opportunities in every interaction, and supports security administrators with content and communication, automating responses to free up their team’s capacity. ‘Sofie’ makes cybersecurity part of our everyday work, manifesting security cultures as the most essential part of holistic human risk management.”

Ilona Simpson, longstanding CIO and Executive Advisor at SoSafe: “SoSafe’s Human Risk OS™ and Sofie help security leaders to efficiently drive a human risk management strategy that sustainably mitigates risk. Based on behavioral data and fueled with new technology, SoSafe simplifies where others complicate, making it easy for security professionals to strengthen the human layer as the most versatile part of our defense strategy. SoSafe's focus on automation and efficiency not only saves security teams significant time but also amplifies their results, enhancing overall security posture.”

SoSafe presented its product innovations “The Human Risk OS™”and “Sofie Human Security Copilot” with its new capabilities during a launch event on May 23rd in Cologne, Germany and via livestream in front of more than 300 industry guests.

About SoSafe

SoSafe, founded by a team of behavioral scientists and technology experts, is the largest security awareness and human risk management vendor based in Europe. SoSafe is empowering over 4700 customers worldwide to effectively mitigate cyber risk. With a unique human-centric approach grounded in behavioral science, SoSafe enhances secure behavior across organizations, making it intuitive and second nature. The platform is designed to strengthen digital self-defense by creating robust security cultures that actively involve employees in mitigating human risks. By leveraging psychology and advanced technology and AI, it enables security professionals to effectively identify, prioritize, manage, and ultimately reduce their human risk. The SoSafe team now consists of more than 450 employees in seven locations: Cologne (headquarters), Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Lisbon, and Munich.


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