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Qred Takes on Factoring - Establishes New Office in Southern Sweden


Fintech startup Qred continues to expand in financial services to small business owners. A new factoring branch is now being established that is offering invoice purchasing services. Based in central Malmö, Sweden, Qred's factoring service is aimed at contractors throughout the country, who wish to avoid extended waiting periods for being remunerated for services rendered.

Emil Sunvisson,CEO
Emil Sunvisson,CEO

Qred has established itself as the market leader in online micro-enterprise and small business loans in the Nordics. Now it is time to disrupt the factoring industry with its technology and business model, via the introduction of automated digital processes, in what has traditionally been a face-to-face, handshake business. 

"The process needs to be simple, fast and transparent," says Daniel Lindh, who is responsible for operations in Malmö. “We work according to the same principles as when Qred offers corporate loans.”

Liquidity problems due to long invoicing processes can restrict contractors from taking on new projects. 

"It's tough for some SMEs, for example in construction, to wait several months to get paid for the job," says Emil Sunvisson, CEO of Qred. “This is money that needs to be put into business quickly and cover material or personnel costs. Here, Qred factoring can help out.” 

“We reach out to SMEs and get to know the business through individual meetings. When a client’s invoice is registered in our systems, an automated procedure takes place,” says Daniel Lindh. 

Come January, the Malmö office will have recruited a line up of specialists with years of experience in the factoring industry. Their combined expertise will ensure a smooth and simple process for all parties involved.

About factoring 

Factoring is a practice that encompasses invoice purchase and invoice loan services. In the case of invoice purchases, the issuing company sells its invoices to the factoring company and gets paid directly. Once the invoice is sold, issuers do not have to worry about when their invoice gets paid, and can move on to other engagements. When it comes to invoice financing/loans, the company hands over an issued invoice to the factoring company and can borrow parts of the sum for a fee, using the invoice as collateral.  




Emil Sunvisson,CEO
Emil Sunvisson,CEO
Daniel Lindh, responsible for operations in Malmö
Daniel Lindh, responsible for operations in Malmö

About Qred Holding AB (publ) eng

Qred Holding AB (publ) eng
Qred Holding AB (publ) eng

Qred helps small companies grow by providing fair and accessible financing. Launched in Sweden in 2015, Qred has expanded to Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands, offering entrepreneurs loans for investments and working capital. An automated and fully digital process keeps costs and credit losses low, while simultaneously giving customers the user experience they deserve and expect. Qred was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, and is helping redefine small business financing in northern Europe.

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