Over 20 vertical farming companies commit to a sustainable food system

Leading vertical farming companies have committed to a Vertical Farming Identity Statement and Industry Manifesto. An unprecedented industry momentum to contribute jointly to a sustainable transformation of global food systems.

Brussels, September 20, 2022 – Leading vertical farming companies signed the first Vertical Farming Manifesto and Identity - both clear and bold industry standards. They highlight the impact and contribution the industry intends to make to transform current food systems and help to solve one of humanity’s toughest challenges of providing food for a growing population in a sustainable, circular way.

The Vertical Farming Identity and the Manifesto describe the urgency of transforming current food systems and explain how vertical farming systems can contribute significantly to designing food systems which are resilient and future-proof. Through technological innovation, indoor vertical farming decouples food production from external factors like climate or public health crises. By localising production and controlling the growing environment, vertical farming provides pesticide-free produce, uses significantly less land and water, and requires fewer transportation miles. 

Toward the industry’s goal of driving the transformation of food systems, the companies strive to set high standards by aligning with globally accepted impact frameworks, for example, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), B Corp, or the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Furthermore, the industry is dedicated to continuously investing in research and development to improve vertical farming technology and grow even smarter and more sustainable food systems. 

“As an industry, indoor vertical farming is important and necessary to create a sustainable global food system and reduce climate change. At Ljusgårda we are proud and happy to be a part of The Vertical Farming Manifesto, and together with our colleagues in the industry we are ready and able to make a big impact globally.” – Magnus Agervald, CEO, Ljusgårda




About Ljusgårda

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Swedish Ljusgårda is one of the largest indoor vertical farms in Europe. With an industrial approach the company aims to democratise sustainable and high-quality produce through large scale production and competitive consumer pricing. Ljusgårda specializes in building AI-optimised indoor ecosystems to create controlled environments with ideal growing conditions for each specific plant. Founded in 2018 and backed by reputable and long-term investors, Ljusgårda strives to become a leader in its industry.

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