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Swedish music tech wonder to be showcased globally


Sweden is known for its music and technology, and also for the result when the two meet – the fast-growing music tech industry. At the Music Tech Fest which is held at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm this week, the Swedish Institute presents a new initiative where Swedish embassies will arrange hackathons and Swedish innovation will be showcased around the world.

Spotify and Soundcloud are two famous brands in the music tech sector, but there are also several other successful Swedish companies that work with tools for digital music production and innovative music accessories, among other areas. In Stockholm, the industry accounts for a large share of the total investment in the technology sector, and Sweden boasts many successful start-ups while remaining one of the world’s most successful music exporters in relation to GDP.

This is the starting point for the initiative The Creative Nation: Swedish Music and Innovation which the Swedish Institute will launch globally this autumn in cooperation with Swedish embassies across the world. An exhibition tells the story about Swedish music and technological inventions, from the zipper, dynamite and the first gramophone recordings to Skype, Minecraft and artists like Zara Larsson. In addition, hackathons will be arranged – events where a group during a limited time programmes or develops something new. Participants will be able to produce prototypes for their own music tech products based on software and technology from leading Swedish companies.

The premiere of the hackathon will be held Saturday 8 September at 12 noon at the Music Tech Fest at KTH in Stockholm. Ensuing hackathons will be conducted at embassies around the world in collaboration with Music Tech Fest.

Susanna Le Forestier, Head of the unit for Thematic communication and analysis at the Swedish Institute said: 
'Many people around the world have heard Swedish music, listened to Spotify, or used a Swedish invention in their everyday lives. We see a great international interest in Swedish innovations and what in Swedish society that has brought this phenomenon about. This initiative offers opportunities to talk about these things with everyone from music lovers to people who might want to invest in Sweden.'

Music Tech Fest takes place 3–9 September. If you want to cover the festival and the implementation of the first hackathon, please apply for a press accreditation here:

For more information about The Creative Nation: Swedish Music and Innovation, please contact project manager Oskar Röhlander,, +46 733 368 939.



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