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Accreditations for the Swedish National Day June 6


On June 6th we celebrate the Swedish National Day at Skansen and you´re welcome to cover the event.

To get an accreditation we need a copy of your passport with a photo or other valid id card.

The last day for media accreditation is June 2

Please also note the following:

The Djurgården island is closed off for traffic in the afternoon. The press area is open from 5 pm to 6.15 pm.

The program on the Solliden stage starts appr. 6.30 pm. Around that time the royal family arrives in horsedrawn carriages.

For more information please contact the press officer at Skansen:
Christina Hamnqvist, +46 729 83 79 55

For more information about the events at the Royal Palace please contact:

The Royal Court information department, +46 8 402 6000,


Stiftelsen Skansen
Stiftelsen Skansen
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Skansen is one of Sweden's leading tourist attractions with more than 1,3 million visitors annually, many of them foreign tourists. People come from far and wide to see the unique collection of historical buildings from all over Sweden as well as the Scandinavian wild and domestic animals and the exotic fauna at the Aquarium. Skansen has its own stage for concerts, a lively town quarter, a hot-glass workshop, other craft workshops, cafés, restaurants and shops; and a fantastic view of Stockholm. 

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