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Course in human rights in cooperation with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute brings together lawyers from Malawi to China


Together with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Mannheimer Swartling is, for the tenth consecutive year, presenting the seminar week “Developing a Human Rights Tool Box” for lawyers from different jurisdictions all over the world. This year, the course is being held on 11-16 September at Mannheimer Swartling’s office in Stockholm and the two main themes of the course are Fair Trial and Sustainability.

The lawyers participating in this year’s program are from Cambodia, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, Malawi, Thailand, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and China. During the week, they will participate in seminars, workshops and lectures on the theme of human rights. There will also be room for a visit to the Swedish Bar Association and the Solna District Court, socializing and exchanging experiences.

The purpose of the course is to support lawyers around the world who are working to strengthen the protection of human rights, by together designing a “Tool box” that facilitates and develops the participants’ human rights work.

The course leaders and lecturers for the week come from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Mannheimer Swartling, the Centre for Justice and several major Swedish corporations. Mannheimer Swartling collaborates with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute within the framework of the firm’s sustainability efforts. Since the outset in 2007, more than 80 lawyers from 25 countries have participated in the course. Learn more about our pro bono projects here




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